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Aurora Cloud Services

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Hosted in a state-of-the-art Tier III Datacenter to provide the backend server infrastructure to house the Aurora computing power and software stack that provides the applications to take your organization’s user experience, application development, and deployment to a whole new level.

A Powerful Combination of Tools and Software


Turn idle infrastructure into compute nodes for developers to deploy dynamic workloads


Spawn workloads and applications in containers or VM’s to any edge node globally


Self-heal with automated incident identification and resolution


Unleash true speed with 10G ready platforms


Easy to use dashboard


Provision your VM’s in minutes


Choose your Operating system


Choose your apps or upload your own


Share and Manage your projects with users anywhere and everywhere


Follow and manage your costs in real time

Aurora Cloud Services

The Perfect Personalized Alternative to AWS (Amazon Web Services), Azure & Google

Manage Thousands of Aurora Servers

With distributed computing, efficiently managing multiple sites becomes a top challenge. The Aurora Decentralization platform resolves the matter for you, offering a unified portal from where you can deploy, monitor, and automate your edge gateways.


A user friendly dash board

Enable True Horizontal Scalability

The cloud has shown its limitations when it comes to performance and network latency. With the Aurora PaaS solution, you can automatically balance your loads with other edge nodes, instead of bursting into the cloud during peak usage. This enhances your user experience.

Create a Linux server in less than 2 minutes

Create a Windows Server in 5 minutes

Get your WordPress site running in less than 10 minutes

All the features you need in a simple and intuitive dashboard

  • Public Secure Sign-up
  • Complete Self-Service Cloud Resources Management
  • Create/Manage VPC/VPN/L2 Network
  • Create/Manage Container Services
  • Monitoring Compute Resources
  • Autoscaling
  • Marketplace
  • Infra-as-a-Code management using Terraform
  • Billing Manager (Pay-Per-Use)
  • User/Role Management(RBAC)

Streamline Your Authentication Process for Mobility

Mobile networks provide continuous connectivity on devices. Technically, mobility means smart devices “roam” from a base station (or edge gateway) to another. Aurora PaaS enhances your user experience with services that do not need to re-authenticate users when they are in motion.

The Aurora Computing Advantage


Dynamic Workloads

Deliver interactive apps to roaming users with optimal load and response times.



Build your secure, distributed database for cryptocurrency transactions.

ioT apps icon

IoT Apps

Offer your clients the full benefits of 5G networks with edge-native services.

Data analytics icon

Data Analytics

Build real business intelligence by collecting more data at the edge of the network.

AR/VR icon


Stream without a glitch with a platform that guarantees the fastest transfers and processing.

Compatible with Any Edge Equipment

Developer Tools, APIs & Marketplace

Microservices, Containers and Kubernetes

Approval Workflows & Incremental Updates

Automated Service Provisioning

Advanced Billing Engine

Simplified Pricing Model

Aurora includes an advanced billing engine that knows how to charge per resource, including at the edge of the network. Whether you use it for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, for edge computing (distributed services), or IoT, you will always be able to accurately charge your end customers at a monthly rate.

The Aurora platform includes the MyApps function from which you can distribute your own applications.

Calculator Icon

Billed Monthly

You’ll receive a monthly invoice which can be paid directly inside the Aurora web portal by credit card. Even better, receive cost estimates of resources per location before you deploy.

Clock icon

Billed Per Consumption

Pay only for the resources you’ve used and shelve or delete resources that are no longer needed. Track your current resource usage at any time.

Prevent Downtime on Your Apps and Systems

The average cost for a single hour of downtime exceeds US$100,000 for 98% of businesses, says ITIC’s 2019 Global Server Hardware, Server OS Reliability Survey report. Can you afford that loss? Can you retain your customers with a tarnished reputation?

Aurora’s Cerebro Tools Automate Your Monitoring

Stop being a firefighter. Prevention starts with understanding your environment, especially the dependencies between networks, systems, databases, applications, and usage.

Operating System logs icon

Any Operating System Logs

Whatever operating system your computer or edge node is running on, Cerebro is able to collect the logs.

Application logs icon

Any Application Logs

Collect any application logs. Cerebro learns how your application behaves and spots anomalies.

Data sources icon

Multiple Data Sources

Cerebro loves data. Configure it for all your environments and see the magic happen  from a single console.

Alerts icon

Alerts & Notifications

Get notified by email or in your Slack channel whenever a new type of incident is detected

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